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This Afternoon

March So Far

Daylight savings, lots of citrus, pi day, St. Patrick's Day, so many hours spent playing in the front window looking for dogs, a big snow storm to round out winter, almost an 8th birthday, climbing on everythign, way too much fighting, I started a new part-time job again...March is flying by!

Late Winter Stuff

Reading: Everything on the Floret site.  I've read a million books, blog posts, magazine articles...Erin's posts are the most helpful I've read anywhere and I can't wait to get her new book ! If you have any interest in flower farming or even just your own cutting garden, it's going to be such a gorgeous and useful resource.

Eating: Girl Scout cookies and this Stew

Drinking: Iced Earl Grey Lattes. My friend Chrissy shared these on Instagram and ever since I cannot get enough!

Making:  Embroidery flowers.  Since I can't plant and grow them yet, I've been stitching them.  It started as a distraction for me when I was feeling a lot of anxiety during the day, but I quickly finished my first project, then my second and I just want to do more!

Writing:  I'm trying.  It's feeling better to write a bit regularly again, but I still don't feel like I'm in a groove.  I'm trying, though, and right now that counts for a lot!