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From Spring 2016

From last spring, written and never posted:

I feel self-conscious about my writing.  Like I'm going to come back later and cringe at what I've written like I do when I look at old photos.  But something funny happened.  My almost 9 year old requested a rainbow cake for her birthday, the same as she had on her 3rd birthday.  When Pinterest was only a fledgling.  But as I went back to look at my blog post from that birthday party and read the words, the only thing I felt was grateful.

It was the first thing that has made me feel like blogging or writing again in a really long time.  Being able to look back on her birthday, and the others, I fell down the rabbit hole to see more birthdays after that one.  Hearing my own voice about my kids when they were so much smaller made me cry.

And it makes me want to write a little more again.  At least about Ben.  Because this time when they're so tiny passes in such a flash and even though you know you were there and in it, it all just disappears.  But then I remember that I can come back and read what I wrote before and that I don't at all care if the photos were good or bad, I just care that they exist.  That's where blogging started, isn't it? The form that's basically dead now? I write bits and pieces on Instagram and that has to be enough for now, but there really is something about just sitting down to write out thoughts for the sake of thoughts that doesn't happen for me on my phone.

An Old Roll of Film

I took the roll to be developed thinking it wouldn't have anything.  I had at some point written "2013" on the roll, so there was a chance it has something, though.  Here are the results.  From 2013 when I stopped shooting film regularly because I lost my local lab that gave me instant gratification. This roll must've been in a camera that I only picked up every few weeks or months because its spans from at least winter-jacket-needing weather to Mia's 6th birthday party in June and windows wide open while doing laundry.  So I'm guessing it's from March or so until June 2013, then I forgot what was on the roll, took it out of the camera, labeled the year and never got it developed. 

Fall Produce

I've been doing some small blog updates lately since I hadn't done much in a long time .  It made me realize that even though photography plays a huge part in my life, I haven't talked about it much on here.  I'd like to change that without getting all romanticized and hipster and too serious about it.  I just like it, it makes me happy to think of a photo and actually create that photo, which is the case with these. They're from a few falls ago (Novemberish of 2014, I think) and I never shared here (at least I don't think I did!) The colors were so intense and the light was so pretty that day and we had gone to our farmer's market.  I remember being in our old garage and using the top of our freezer first, then the top of a ladder to get them and shivering in the chilly air while I tried to capture the details of all of these veggies and fruit.  I don't even remember now what I made with them, probably some sort of soup or a sauté, to the point of crispy, with garlic for the chard and kale.  The apples probably disappeared within hours or days and the cabbage probably sat for far too long until I decided to do something with it.