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Violet's Words at Rare and Beautiful Treasures
"Well I had a washing machine in the basement. I didn’t have a dryer. We had a clothes line in the basement to use during inclement weather. Sometimes I would hang the babies’ diapers on the line outside and they would freeze before I could get them down! It was a lot of work, yes, I don’t know, we just did it."

Yeah, I Was You, and Now I'm Her...While Working on Me at Tales from the Motherland
"I've said it before: it’s so easy to notice the years rushing by on the faces and in the movement of our children, in the lives of my friend’s children, in the aging and loss of our parents. But somehow the years sneak up on our adult brains. It’s as if everyone else is getting older, and we’re not. Until one day, you throw on a cardigan, glance in the mirror and you've gone from there to here– poof!"

DIY Concrete Plants at Little Green Notebook:
"If you're lucky enough to live in a place that actually gets moisture (slow single tear for myself), you can grow moss on your concrete planters with a little bit of moss from your yard thrown in a blender with buttermilk for a sec. You paint the mixture on the planters and the moss should grow pretty fast. "

Little Girls, Get Up! Get Up and Eat. at Momastery
"Then she added: “Everyone at my table wrote ‘I want my mommy to be happy!’”Oh, I said again.You guys. They want us to be happy.They’re not saying:My dream is for my mom to be perfect.Or my dream is for my mom to be thinner or better looking."

Heirloom Kitchen 01 > Make Soup at dig this chick
"This is how intuition is developed. It is not biological; it is inherited. Cooking confidence is gently handed from one person to another, a kitchen heirloom."

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