Snow Days

Last year was strange for us because we had hardly any snow - a weird storm in October and a quick Christmas snow and that was it.  We seem to be making up for that already this year with two storms this week and another on the way this weekend.  The kids are LOVING it and I love a good snow day, too.  Anything that forces the world to slow down a bit and gives me an excuse to hunker down and be cozy always makes me happy.  Thankfully our snow hasn't meant the frigid below-zero temps that a lot of you are seeing in other parts of the country, so it's actually fun to get outside and play or to take a walk in the snow to the restaurant around the corner for breakfast or lunch.  We made some cookies, one batch that I burnt because I wasn't paying attention and another batch that looked terrible (I think because I should have let the dough get super cold again before baking)  but tasted great.  There was movie-watching and napping, too, but the snow days have mostly been kids running in and out and playing in the snow for hours on end while I had some peace to bake in the kitchen and actually read a book! 

How's your winter so far? 


  1. We have been FREEZING until today, such a nice reprieve. Now to just get rid of all of the ice on the roads.

    1. YAY for a reprieve! Hope you enjoyed the relative "warm" weather:)


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