Merry Making: An Easy DIY Wreath Tutorial

Making a wreath has been on my list of things I'd like to do in life.  I don't really know why, I've just wanted to, especially knowing how much it would cost to buy a fresh wreath for the door vs. a wire backing and some floral wire. I've always assumed it was some major, complicated task until I started to research a bit this year after checking out prices on real wreaths.  So I've been keeping my eyes open for trimmings and gathering supplies. I searched a bunch and, of course, there are so many ways to make a wreath.  This struck me as easiest, so I'm going with it.  

You'll Need:
Floral Wire
Clippers or Scissors
A Wreath Backing (wire is best for outdoors)
Greens that make you happy (I used trimmings from our boxwoods)

The method: I made bunches of the green first that were generally the same size, wrapping the bottoms as tightly as I could with floral wire, then started to assemble.  I'm good at doing one thing at a time, so it felt logical to make lots of bunches, then tie them all on to see how they looked.  It also feels better to show you with photos since it's not overly complicated.  Tie bunches together, then tie onto the wire frame, overlapping bunches as much or as little as you want. The bigger you make your bunches and the more you overlap them all, the more full your wreath will be.  Wrap them at tightly as you possible can, rearrange as needed.  Accept imperfection, it's kind of the name of the game.  I left mine mostly wild, but trim away if you like yours to be more neat and tidy. 

floral wire, scissors and wreath frame
boxwood bunches
Boxwood bunches

back of the wreath
p.s. Bows also weren't nearly as scary as I thought they'd be and I was sold on trying them myself when I went to Michael's and realized that I could buy one for $6.99 or an entire roll of ribbon to make at least a dozen of my own for the same price.  This post and this post were the two most helpful things for me as I figured out how to make them.  


  1. Beautiful!! Good for you! Maggie :)

  2. My aunt has had a wreath making party every year for 30 years - I've been lucky enough to attend for most of the past 20 years. It really kicks off the holiday season for me. they cut the lodge pole pines from their 40acre property and we use those for our wreaths, plus lots and lots of wire and hot glue guns....!

    yours is beautiful - love the boxwood


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