Merry Making: Past Projects

Sharing some favorite Merry Making projects from past years today.  I tend to stick with projects that don't require much time and money and definitely don't require a ton of work.  Enjoy and please share in the comments if you have favorite of your own to share! 

I tried a few different methods and figured out a quick easy method to throw
together a treat when I need one to enjoy at home or bring somewhere! 

I'm pretty sure I like making our own play dough at least as much as the kids do.  
It's so easy and fun and there are a million ways that you could make it 
feel more holiday or winter themed. 

The pomanders in this post didn't work out so well, but it was error on my part
and still a project I've done again.  Be sure to use enough cloves and 
be sure not to burn your orange slices in the oven while they bake! 

I'm not saying that you should do all of these, just throwing out some ideas! 

One of our favorite things to do now.  We're not too strict about it, but the kids love to 
try to guess what book it is (I label them for myself in case there's one I want to find)
and Mia's thinks she's super awesome this year since she can read the 
titles, too, and feels like she's in on a secret. 

I keep this up all year round now, it's SO nice to just keep all of the paper and pens and 
labels and tape and a pair of scissors in one spot and not hunt in 500 places every time
I need to wrap something! 

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