Gratitude and Weekend Links

Gratefulness this week: One last weekend together before school starts.  A new (free!) AppleTV - I hate to admit that I've missed watching things mindlessly on tv since we've cancelled our cable and Netflix and Hulu on the tv will fill that void.  Speaking of tv: Orange is the New Black.  I may or may not have watched all 13 episodes in less than 3 days.  Cooler weather.  Blackberry picking.  A favorite morning radio show.  The wealth of info on the internet that let me change things around here this week rather easily.  The random novelty of buying milk in bags.  Morning trips to visit chickens and feed them treats. 

Thursday had me laughing so hard! 
I could relate to this so much more than I like to admit. 
Easier decision-making in one step.  I needed this in my life. 
Ditto on the floors.  This is just the kind of relatable blogging that makes me thankful for blogging. 
Have a business? Just crave simplicity? You CAN choose to keep it simple. (Sometimes it just requires constant reminders.)   
Want to preserve all of this August produce goodness, but don't want to can?  Some great options.
This bread has been on my mind for a week, I'm making it this weekend or bust! 
I really, really want to go here. Anyone want to join me??
Also on the menu this weekend: Blackberry Crisp Bars and Blackberry Freezer Jam since we went picking this morning! 
I've been playing with watercolors for a little too long having no clue how to actually use them.  Enter 1 2 and 3 lessons that I'm going to do in the upcoming weeks. 

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