Mid September

rainbow loom bands

crayola markers crayons colored pencils

Good gravy, is there anything more gorgeous than a blue sky in September? This weather is making me so happy.

I saw a link a few days ago to this article that talks about how ages 6-12 are the happiest years for parenting.  I know my kids are only just getting to be those ages, but I could not agree more.  The past 6 months have felt like a breath of fresh air, even though they've included more than a fair share (way more than!) of normal kid angst (wasn't that supposed to happen when they're teenagers??) We're really, finally getting to the point where life is a bit easier.  Nick having his first day of school today felt like complete and utter bliss.  I'm still all over the place, but I actually managed to dry my hair AND put on makeup before taking anyone to school today and most days in the past few weeks, which is just plain crazy. 

We're in a routine with school and lunches and meals planning that's working well, that feels darn good.  I'm actually blogging again more than once a month and that also feels darn good.  I've been trying to work on projects lately, but every time I start to think about the projects I start a list and the list just feels never-ending. Do you do this?  Instead of just having one project going I turn it into a domino effect of the 50 other things I need to do, too, then I get so overwhelmed that all of it just gets pushed to the side and none of it happens. I love this William Morris Project and every time Jules posts a new project it makes me want to just do *one* thing and be happy with doing something functional that makes my home into more.

While we're chatting about random things today: Any requests? I haven't asked in a while and I'm not actually sure how many readers made it in the move and how many people are new, so please chime in if there's something you'd love to see on here!  Want to say hi? I'd love to know who you are if you're reading! And especially leave a link to your blog if you have one so everyone else can come say hi, too:)


  1. Love that September is still so colorful. These pics are so full of that beauty. And I hear you about life getting easier. This summer was so trans-formative for me--our whole family--actually. Most mornings now are this new breath of fresh air, space to relish silence, relearn myself again not only as "Mama". And the kiddos, it's amazing to learn there new ways-older ways. Smitten. :)

  2. Lillian! I love your new blog! I see your watercolor chart peeking in one of your photos too. I love it!! My daughter is obsessed with those rubber band thingies. They are everywhere! I have enjoyed these younger years as well, although I'm hoping and praying that the teen years bring their own joy. Parenting truly is a gift. xoxo

  3. Requests?! I would love to see more pics of inside your home. Love your style!


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