From the Weekend (The Thanksgiving Edition)

Thanksgiving.  Time with friends and family.  Grumpy, tired kids.  Actual naps!  Time with my sister before she left for more time with the Peace Corp.  The arrival of our elf.  A date with Grandma to Mary Poppins for Mia. Getting out decorations.  Their first viewing of Home Alone (did NOT remember how rude all of the kids are to one another, oops!) Only one Black Friday shopping excursion, to the consignment shop down the street.   Stopping on the side of the street to swipe fallen greens anywhere I see them.  I didn't get done nearly the things I was hoping - baking and decorating namely, but it doesn't matter. I was also thinking of doing the December Daily in a very simplified form, but it feels more like a chore than fun right now, so I'm skipping it for this year. This week is much more quiet and there's plenty of time left between now and Christmas for baking and wreath-making.  How was your holiday?? 


  1. As always, I love your pictures. We had a nice, slow-ish Thanksgiving at my in-law's farm. I was in great need of a slow, little stress day! Our oldest two ended up staying at grandma and grandpa's for a few days and it was fun to have some time just with our little 3.

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