Merry Making: DIY Glitter Letters

This might be my favorite project so far this year.  There are a ton of methods out there and I planned to spray them with glitter paint, but then I forgot to buy the spray paint and wanted to just get them done, so I used what we had. 

You'll need:
Cardboard Letters (these were 50% off at Hobby Lobby and about $1.50 each, so $6 and change for tax total))
Glue/Modge Podge
Paint Brush
Cookie Sheets
Parchment Paper

I really suggest the parchment paper for ease of cleanup and for ease in getting extra glitter back into the bottle - I didn't put any down on the cookie sheets and it became a big old mess. Using cookie sheets still kept it contained, but it was hard to get some of the glitter off of the sheets.

The method:  Paint the surface of the letter with glue or modge podge and go nuts with glitter.  Let it dry, then lift and tap off the excess.  That's it! 

I thought about sealing them with a spray of some sort to minimize glitter all over the place, but so far they're fine and I don't know how the letters would do with the spray.  I also didn't paint the sides and backs of the letters to minimize how much glitter could get all over the place and to have somewhere to hold while I moved them, packed them away, got them out, etc. You can see that the edges aren't perfect, but I don't care at all and this was tons easier than trying to turn letters to get specific crevices and sides and having different drying times.  They're fun, inexpensive and quick just like this - that's my kind of project!      

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