Snowy and Icy

Snowy and Icy was our theme this week.  The kids were home from school way too much. A tree fell in the backyard and thankfully fell away from the house and managed to also miss the chicken coop by inches.  I somehow managed to make a ton of freezer meals and meal plan, so that felt good.  I may share some more on that soon if these kids will just get back to school!  We got out my old American Girl doll and marveled at all of her things and looked through the old catalogs from the early 90s that I still had in her trunk. Our weekend is going to be filled with swimming lessons, Valentine-making, Olympics-watching, tree-chopping and warm food. How about you? 

Some reads I've loved this week: 

: "Two years ago, my son spent his 7th birthday hyperventilating in the shower over all the questions that might never be answered about his past and his future. The cupcakes were eaten and our day had been big-time fun, but the sun set on his heartbreak and he asked to take a late-night shower. We agreed, never guessing he was smart enough to know that behind the curtain, his tears could blend quietly down the drain pipe." -The Best Gift and Adoptive Mom Can Give

: The Clothes and The Toys You Want Your Kids to Love (and They Don't) - Part of a series on reducing clutter in your home at The Minimalist Mom. Make sure you don't miss all of the goodness added in the comments! (Bonus: Last week's You Can't Have It All part of the series is such a good reminder.)

:I would really like to live in this house, please. 

I finally made a Facebook page for the blog, I'd so love to see you there! 


  1. Your pictures look so peaceful. Love them.

  2. I always want to crawl into your world, when you post your photos. Just wonderful, Lillian! My daughter had the American Girl Doll, Kirsten...Such sweet times.


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