Tuesday Confessions

(You're surely sick of snowy/icy photos at this point, right?  Sorry, it's all I've got right now!)

We've kind of just felt like we've been in survival mode.  Quiet, snow-playing survival mode, but I'm coming off of 5 days straight with kids at home and that's survival mode for me!  Plus my sister came home from the Peace Corp late last Wednesday night and is staying with us as well, so everything is just a little bit off right now.  

I've been thinking during the past few weeks while I've had copious amounts of time with kids home and very little time alone to actually write posts, because I can't write and think clearly while children beg for snacks, and I'm working on a balance between project/food/informational sort of posts and personal stuff.  As I'm starting this post, there are 4 kids at our house because of a two-hour delay for school and they're all watching Planes because I have no energy left in me for kids inside my tiny house bouncing off the walls.  

My current confessions:  
My kids are watching insane amounts of tv and I just don't care. 
I've been sleeping on the couch while we've rearranged beds because my sister is here and it's been kind of nice because it means I get a whole night of sleep without a non-stop snoring husband. 
I'm ITCHING to just be by myself.  
I've way over-committed this year at schools and I'm really looking forward to not having those obligations anymore, even though I like them and love to be involved in their schools.  
Freezer meals and menu planning are saving my sanity right now. 
I left 7 lbs of sausage (for a freezer meal exchange) on the counter overnight last night and I'm kicking myself for the complete waste of all of that food since I had to throw it away. 
I love my house, but it's driving me crazy.  I want to just be content, but there are SO many things I want to do here and I waffle on whether or not to do them and or to not spend the time doing things to a house we'll likely not live in long-term.  Maybe it's because we've been so cooped up? 
I missed the backyard.  
Mia and I were dreaming about strawberry picking last night.  I got strawberries at the store, because it's hard to say no to kids begging for fruit, and even though they weren't great, we seriously enjoy the fresh tartness of them.  It led to a discussion about fruits and veggies that are in season and how we all love strawberry picking so much because it means that summer is starting and it means it's right around Mia's birthday.  (Nick's birthday-season marker is March Madness!)  
When my sister offered to hang out with Nick this afternoon so that I could go out and get some work done and go to Mia's Valentine's Day Party alone, I jumped at the chance a little too enthusiastically.
We're having Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight.  I've tried multiple homemade versions, but nothing beats the can of Manwich. 
I need to make ricotta now. And feta and goat cheese.  I think I could probably live on baguette spread with various soft cheeses. 
This Pork Ragu is on the menu coming up and I'm salivating just thinking about that deliciousness. 

That's all I've got for now.  How about you? Anything you need to confess or discuss on a Tuesday? 


  1. LOL - I don't feel like such a fool now - I left the "cooling crock pot of a whole chicken and carrots" out on the counter also. It was on Sunday and I was tired when it was done so I put the oval liner out on the counter to cool before putting it in the frig. Got up early Monday morning, showered, but kept feeling like I had forgotten something. Went downstairs to make a cup of coffee and got the mug out of the china cabinet, walked into the kitchen to put it on the counter and almost cried. I was going to split it all up into four meals - no NO MEALS out of it... well that is life, we can't change it, just pick ourselves up and NEVER do the same thing again (LOL). Now, three days later I can almost taste the chicken and dumplings and chicken fried rice... ah well maybe next month.

    1. Oh no!!! I've totally done that, too, with cooling crock pot meals and it's so sad!!

  2. I really believe that mastering "I'm sorry, but no," or "I'm sorry, but I can't do that," is critical. If I had learned one thing sooner in life... that would have been it. It's a slippery slope into insanity and chronic cranky momminess! It starts with the PTSA and snack mom. Trust me, my friend. ;-)


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