Washing Cars and Trucks

I KNEW there was a reason that I keep pinning kid activities on Pinterest! This was one of the two days a year that I actually use Pins!  

Nick has started to get bored more when it's just the two of us home and, honestly, I'm not the best "sit on the floor and play" mom. I'm just not.  But I'll set up fun stuff for them to do and today was a good day for it. We've gotten into the habit of more tv than necessary, so I headed to Pinterest to find something easy that he'd like and decided on a Car Wash.  I told him to get his bathing suit on and gather some plastic toy cars (not metal since they have a bunch of John's toy cars mixed in!) and he was all excited. I cleared the dirty dishes out of the sink, filled one side with warm bubbly water, gave him a sponge, washcloth, toothbrush and funnels and he was happy for a solid hour.  That's a win! 

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