Celebrating Five

His birthday was Saturday. He wanted a party and he's never had one that wasn't just family.  No activities, just playing with his friends.  And a construction cake.  (He's not hard to please.)

We got chocolate cupcakes because they were "dirt" for his construction site (and because I bought a 50% off coupon almost a year ago that was almost expired,) John brought home a bunch of boxes from work for the kids to play with and we got out the blocks, Legos and any construction-related vehicles we could find. Hung a few balloons and called it good. Easiest party ever!

We followed it up with birthday dinners with both sides of the family over the weekend.

The past two weeks have challenged me in so many ways, we've had more going on than usual, but watching his excitement about having everyone celebrate him was just so fun.  He is such a sweet guy and so funny.  He'll tell you that he's "not into sports" but he'll chat with you for the next hour about any kind of truck or construction vehicle on the planet.  I've never known anyone with better skills at making messes and getting dirty and digging into things.  He's so relaxed and content in the world, but so bright and curious at the same time.  He loves to be at home almost as much as I do, but he makes exceptions if there's good food involved.  He loves eggs and spaghetti and meatballs (especially if Gran and Pops make it,)  animals, the color blue, Mighty Machines and building or taking apart anything and everything he can get his hands on.

Happy Birthday Nick, we LOVE YOU!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nick! It has been so great watching you grow in person and here on the blog. Love the party (and those cupcakes!). I hope he has an amazing year of loving, laughing, and growing. XOX, Maggie

  2. I am behind on blog reading, so I just saw this. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. And five! Wow! And kindergarten this fall, yes? Double wow. WOW WOW WOW!

    Miss you always my friend. ~Angelika


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