Right Now: Late October

I know I'm jumping the gun, but I'm writing this while I listen to the Peaceful Holidays station on Pandora and I sip Peppermint Bark tea.  Because it feels relaxing and October has been anything but relaxing.  And I sort of consider, for better or for worse, October-December "The Holiday Season."

Right now is:
-school Harvest Party planning
-food poisoning
-Parent-Teacher Conferences
-not enough time with friends
-the earlier darkness making me want to go to bed at 7pm.
-pumpkins everywhere.
-my birthday, soon.
-prep for a month of thankfulness.
-Christmas shopping already to avoid the stress in December. And card-making.
-pumpkin carving
-last tomato picking
-lots of kale picking
-Reading It's Halloween daily
-Getting the Charlie Brown Holiday Trio of Movies ready to start next week
-Also watching Hotel Transylvania, Scooby Doo, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Annie a little too much.  But, ANNIE! I might be the one watching the most:)
-prepping costumes for a Vampire girl and a Fireman (his same choice for the third year running)
-a pumpkin carving party with friends that was so nice and normal and kids-being-kids-running-around-having-fun-together that I could just cry thinking about the awesomeness.  I love where I live and the community we have.

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