A Good Whirlwind

He turned 5 weeks old this past weekend, born on September 12th. 7 lbs 12oz, exactly the same as both his big sister and brother. Labor was long, but not intense until the very end when I promptly got an epidural, took a nap and woke up to push for 13 minutes and he was here. He's still curly and just starting to smile and I want to hold him as long as humanly possible while he still tries to lift his head from my chest like a little inchworm.

When he was almost 2 weeks old, we moved into a new house that just happens to be 3 doors down the street from our old house.

So here we are. Getting back to some sort of new normal.


  1. Congratulations! We're kindred spirit. I had my third baby while living in Denmark (15 years ago) and moved to the next town when she was 5 days old. Those were whirlwind days, but I was thrilled to be in my new home with my new baby. Everything eventually got done. Enjoy!

  2. What wonderful news! I read this the other day but wasn't able to comment then - such a sweet, sweet face! Glad you made it through your move. I always have thought that bringing a new child into our home in a new house always made it feel so much more like home. :)


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