All Over the Place

Baby stuff: 17 months. Which is basically 1.5.  Which is unreal.  We all know time flies, but GEEZ, it really does fly when they're little while the days can seem to just craaaaaawl by sometimes. He's starting to say stuff, but we're still learning his style and voice, so it always surprises us when he just copies a word exactly.  I love that Mia and Nick get to watch him grow, too, and especially that they enjoy it so much.

I'm playing with stop-motion videos this week and having a ton of fun.  I've always wanted to try making them and just decided to jump in this week.  You can see my first attempt here, the kids were clearly influential in my choices and now they're begging to make a Lego stop-motion.

Making me happy this week:

- Podcasts.  Pop Culture Happy Hour,  That's What She Said (Kristen Kalp is my favorite!),  Bon Appetit, The Splendid Table

- DIY Gel Manicures.  This American Classic Gelous nail polish is my favorite.  Paired with this color for Valentine's Day.  I vote against most advice and actually suggest thick layers and extra dry time.  It lasts at least a week for me.

Almond Bundt Cake  - skip the glaze, it doesn't need anything on top!

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