Early February

I read this recently on Instagram and it made me feel like writing and sharing more again.  I've been feeling like coming back to this space lately, so I'm jumping back in. I miss the practice of daily writing and remembering these days.

 I often wonder what on earth my kids will ever do with all of these photos some day.  Will they be so ubiquitous that they won't even look? There are SO MANY and it just reminds me that photography is really just a therapeutic practice for me.  Sure, I get a cute photo here and there, but what it really does is make me feel like I'm doing something to manage these feelings of watching them grow at lightning speed.

Making me happy right now:
Bullet Journaling
The app 1 Second Everyday, here's our 2016 in 1-second clips.
1 Year Old Antics. This is the story of our days right now.
Waking up early because I'm going to bed so early and using the early time for some quiet.
Lavender Bubble Baths
This Circle of Friends leave-in conditioner. We got it for the tea tree during a lice scare and we've kept it around since because it works so well and smells so good.

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  1. Oh how wonderful to see you back!! The kids have gotten so big, and the baby... well, wow! He is a perfect blending of his sister and brother! It's uncanny!

    So happy to enjoy your photos and sweet world again. xox


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