Fall Produce

I've been doing some small blog updates lately since I hadn't done much in a long time .  It made me realize that even though photography plays a huge part in my life, I haven't talked about it much on here.  I'd like to change that without getting all romanticized and hipster and too serious about it.  I just like it, it makes me happy to think of a photo and actually create that photo, which is the case with these. They're from a few falls ago (Novemberish of 2014, I think) and I never shared here (at least I don't think I did!) The colors were so intense and the light was so pretty that day and we had gone to our farmer's market.  I remember being in our old garage and using the top of our freezer first, then the top of a ladder to get them and shivering in the chilly air while I tried to capture the details of all of these veggies and fruit.  I don't even remember now what I made with them, probably some sort of soup or a sauté, to the point of crispy, with garlic for the chard and kale.  The apples probably disappeared within hours or days and the cabbage probably sat for far too long until I decided to do something with it.

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