Day 12: Weekend Links

"And I don’t want to be scared to tell you how motherhood looks for me because I never want you to be scared of being able to share how it looks for you." -When a Blogger Gets Stage Fright

"I guess this means we should cancel trick-or-treating and eat organic apples while watching depressing documentaries, eh?...I’m a realist, and I get that many of you still want to take your kids trick-or-treating (or rather, your kids would be heartbroken to ban the holiday). Here’s what we can do." -Chocolate: the industry’s hidden truth (and the easy stuff we can do to still enjoy it)

I need to make these a.s.a.p. 

Finally! A "kid" setting for your iphone/ipad! 

Looking for a photo challenge to inspire you to take more pictures? Get yourself in front of the camera!   I know, easier said than done.  But it still inspired me to get at least one photo on my phone this week with my actual face in it with my kids. 

Just because it made me smile: 27 Hours to a Hat

Happy weekend! 

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