31 Days of Documenting the Everyday

I'm taking a deep breath as I start this.  Because 31 days straight of blogging inspired by the nester?  It feels a little bit overwhelming (or maybe just crazy.)  But I'm doing it.  I thought long and hard about if I wanted to join the fun, then once I decided that I wanted to, I thought long and hard about what I could possibly talk about for 31 days. I toyed with 5 zillion ideas, but it always came back to one thing: Our days, our fleeting moments, just our plain old everyday.   

I struggle often with why it is that I want to blog, but I think this is one of the hugest parts.  I love to capture our everyday and I love to share it not to project any sort of ideal, perfect life but to share that the imperfection and everyday mess and chaos ARE the beauty and are enough. 

This is going to be a combination: part to help you to document your own days and part for me to spend some time sharing and remember my own.  Have something you'd love to see me address? Please let me know and I'll gladly try to include it! 

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So, this is where is starts.  Tomorrow is Day 1.  I'll post daily like normal, then also add the post links below to have them all in one spot.  

Day 2: Right Now
Day 20: Gratitude and Instagrams from the Week
Day 21: Favorite Instagram Feeds
Day 22: When You Don't Feel Like It
Day 23: Kid Interviews
Day 24:  In the Kitchen
Day 25: From Yesterday
Day 26:  Weekend Links
Day 27: Gratitude and Instagrams from the Week
Day 28: What We're Reading
Day 29: Photo Capture Traditions
Day 30: What We're Making


  1. Just like me!!! Feels like a big bite.. Can I handle it?? And what better to write about than our Crazy family life!! :)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better!!

  2. I'm taking the plunge, accepting the 31 day challenge, and breathing deeply, too. Like you, I'm also blogging under the loose theme of everyday life. Looking forward to the journey!

  3. I've read the first four days and am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series. I struggle so badly with this - more so now that I have permanent brain damage with memory loss from an auto accident. My oldest is 18 and the last 5 years have been one big blur. I feel like I've missed a lot. Something like this would help. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is such a great idea! I've really tried to be more intentional this fall about taking pictures, but I definitely need help and inspiration! :-)


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