Day 5: Weekend Links

"Women – mothers – increasingly seem to feel like it is our fault if anything goes wrong with a pregnancy, or with our children.  Forget about going wrong, we blame ourselves if our kid isn’t perfect in every way." On Trying to Be Perfect While Pregnant

If you still have the sweetness of Grandparents in your life, PLEASE go and take lovey photos like these as soon as you possibly can. I got a bit teary reading that post. 

How Are You Currently Simplifiying? Reading all of these comments makes me want to be friends with everyone who replied! 

The Almost Extinction of the Drop-In - I'm so bad about this and I think one of the first commenters summed it up perfectly, "It seems people are hesitant to even come through the front door when picking up their kids because we are always rushing to the next. Or in a world of perfect images online, the palpable wall of people’s self-consciousness at their own imperfectly kept homes often stops me from even trying." 

"You will never see a post that reads, “I yelled at my kids today for no reason. I am worried about finances, my husband and I are not on the same page, and quite frankly sometimes I don’t enjoy the duties of being a mom.” I feel pretty sure that has never been on a Facebook page."   What I want you to know: All moms struggle with parenting 

I'm spending 31 days writing and sharing a series about Documenting Your Everyday this month. Click here to see all of the posts as they're added and follow along.  

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