Day 4: In the Morning

I wake up to a screeching and banging on a door, "NICK! WHY do you have my suitcase in the bathroom??" 
Laughter and giggles from behind the door.  "I don't know!"
"Nick, come out of there, I need to go potty!" 
"No, I need to go potty!" 
"But you're just playing, I NEED to go!" 
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm goin' now!!!!!"
"Nick, HURRY! I really really need to go!" 
"Mia, jus' let ME go by myself. I need my pribacy!" 

I can see how this conversation evolves down the road as they grow, how the words and language change, but basically stays the same (especially in our current 1.25 bathroom house where the only alternative to the real bathroom is a creepy, weird toilet enclosed by plywood in the garage, a remnant from the old owners who needed to add a 1st floor option for the husband who couldn't get up and down the stairs well.) 

Our mornings, at least during the week, are almost always the same.  Nick wakes up first 85% of the time, usually because my husband's stirring and getting ready for the day is too loud to sleep through.  I doze through it, but Nick always gets up right away.  He gets dressed right away and wants to talk/play/watch a show.  It wakes her up.  He comes into me and wakes me (if he hasn't already) and asks to snuggle or watch a show or if we can get up and go downstairs.  (I say yes to snuggles, no to everything else.)  She comes in and asks to snuggle, so we do. They fight over who gets to lay next to me.  We pry ourselves out of bed, me to shower and her to get dressed and make her bed. After we're ready, we head downstairs for breakfast.  Make breakfast.  Check lunches and backpacks and papers that need to go back to school.  Eat breakfast.  Drop off at school.   Wash, rinse and repeat most days. Throw in a forgotten paper here and a whole bunch of tantrums or fighting there. An extra allowance of a tv show if they're ready and done early. Discussions about what shoes to wear and why they can't wear the caked-in-mud Crocs to school and why they DO need a hoodie in their backpack.  
Then, we're out the door.  

How does your morning look? 

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  1. Love these photos and the description of your morning! My kids are older now - from 22 down to 14 - but I remember those days well...

    Glad I landed here. A glimpse into your life brightened my day!

    (found you via Nester's blog for #31days...)


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