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What I Do Have at Assortment:
"Not creating wasn’t an option; finding a way to create was, even if that meant becoming outside-the-box thinkers, and looking at everything that we did have with possibility."

Because Sharing the Imperfect is Worth the Risk at The Nesting Place:
"You are the ones saying YES, let’s stop pretending that we need to impress each other. None of us is perfect and I’ll take that risk and be the first to admit it. And it can start with a pair of mistreated, hot glued drapes. That actually look pretty good."

What Would Happen if You Just Let Go? at The Minimalists
"Look around your home, your car, your office. Why are you holding on to so much stuff that doesn’t add value to your life? Now, what would happen if you just let go of the excess? What benefits would you experience? How would it feel to have more time, more money, more contentment? How would it feel to have a cleaner home, a clearer mind, a less stressful life?"

Simple Ways to Garden Without Spending Money at Old World Garden Farms
"When it comes to gardening, the simple fact is that it’s only expensive if you choose to make it that way. There are many ways to create, grow and harvest your own food without spending a bushel-full of cash." 

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  1. During my recent trip to my nephew's graduation, I really got it... got that I have truly been hoarding for too long! I have so much "stuff" that needs to go away. Clothes I never wear, stuff I never use... ugh! I am in the mood to let it go, and I'm determined to dig out my office! The link to The Minimalists came at a time when I need the guidance. Having spent HOURS telling my nephew about holding on, filling empty places in our lives/heart with stuff, etc... it's time I do as I say. ;-) Thanks, Lillian!


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