Day 29: Photo Capture Traditions

It's become a tradition, every special occasion (and a lot of random days) now go like this: We go outside.  They stand in their spot, because they know "the spot" now.  She tries to strangle him with her arm around his neck, he tries to knock her over with his arm around her waist.   I tell them to smile and it'll be done faster and offer a bribe of some sort, usually gum. They pull it together while laughing at one another.  I let them jump and they're happier.  Halloween, First Days of School, random days that we're out and about, they've become a tradition that I could probably fill a book with (maybe some day I will??) But it works.  And they know what to expect and I'm happy to have photos of them together.  

What photo capture traditions do you have at your house? 

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