Day 30: What We're Making

My birthday was this past weekend and I've never really sorted out if I love the fall because my birthday is in the fall or if I love fall anyway and having a birthday makes it even more special.  32 feels older.  Well, duh, because it IS older. But you know what I mean.  Officially into adulthood and middle age.  I looked at photos of my kids and they both look like kids now, the traces of baby are almost completely gone.  

Halloween is almost here and the holidays are so sweet right now with their still-low expectations and hearts full of joy and excitement.  I spent Saturday morning with Mia just being slow and wandering together.  We went to a coffee shop and she had hot chocolate and a cupcake while I had tea.  She brought along the Magic Cabin catalog that arrived last week (along with at least 7 other catalogs, holy wow!) and sat and looked together and dreamed of being able to buy whatever we wanted.  She devised a complicated system of circling everything they might want, they starring the things she's really love, giving a circle to the things she liked but didn't need and an asterisk to the things she still needed to think about.  It was funny to watch her seriousness. We went to AC Moore to get more bands for her rainbow loom bracelets while they're on sale and some other supplies for making fun crafts in the upcoming months. We wandered for what felt like forever, a good forever.  It's so fun to listen to her commentary and watch her peruse, getting excited about little things, showing me different things, picking things she thinks I'll like.  It was just a nice time without any pressure to be anywhere or do anything and I think we both needed it.  A sweet spot indeed. 

Right now, we're making: 
Messes.  A lot of messes. 
A Squirrel and Chipmunk house
Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Necklaces and Keychains
Christmas Cards 
Fun Halloween Food

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