Day 31: At The End

After 31 days, I'm not really sure how to wrap this up.  It was fun, but I'm glad it's over! Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that I actually finished - I'm really good and being excited and starting projects, then stopping when the excitement wears off.  But I think I wanted to test how much I really do want to invest in continuing to blog and how I want to blog.  So, for the last day, here are some things I've figured out over this 31 days about how I want to document.  

I don't want to sustain a blog with posts on daily basis, but I do love having a regular posting schedule.

I NEVER would have finished this 31 days if I hadn't planned like crazy ahead of time.  Crazy how that works, eh?

I want to do something more personal for my kids to not share publicly.

Books really are a big part of our lives and I need to carve out more consistent time for reading.

I have so much more time alone now than I have had in years and I'm wasting way too much of it sitting behind a computer screen.

I like documenting the everyday, but I don't need to document every single day. 

I think I'm better at just sharing my own life than I am at trying to give ideas to other people - it feels too forced. 

I take a lot of photos and enjoy it, but I enjoy the practice of stopping and noticing more than anything else. When it comes down to it, there are a select few photos that I value more than others. I don't need 50 photos from every event in our lives, I just like one to remember and to have for the kids. I like my other photos, too, but when Nick knocked over and destroyed my external hard drive over the summer, it made me realize how many photos I really have and how many of them really mean a ton to me long-term. 

Photos are the way of documenting that comes mostly easily to me, but I really love the written documentation as well, more than I realized until about half-way through this 31 days I realized how much I was being coldly informative and how little I was just opening up about our days.  I struggle so much more with sharing my words than with sharing my photographs.  

I don't need photos to be perfect to appreciate them and often appreciate them more when I just consider them good enough and enjoy having them rather than feeling obligated to edit to perfection, share publicly and do something specific with them. I'm just glad that they're there, there's a small comfort in knowing that I can go back and sneak peeks of them still so small no matter how the photos look. The fact that they exist is enough. 

Now, what I'll do with all of these photos of mine? That's still a question that needs a definite answer...Stay tuned around here to see what I decide! 

I'm spending 31 days writing and sharing a series about Documenting Your Everyday this month.
 Click here to see all of the posts as they're added and follow along.  


  1. I don't comment on every post but I've been following your 31 days of documentation. I really loved getting a sneak peek into your everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i loved your 31 days! never felt impersonal. i wish i could squeeze in more blogging time because i do enjoy the challenge of finding the beauty in the everyday. so happy you share!


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