Day 10: 10 on 10

10 photos, 1 on the hour, every hour, for 10 hours.  There are a million ways to do a project like a 10 on 10, but it was easiest for me to set my phone alarm every hour for the day and take a photo of what I was doing when it went off.  I missed 4pm, sorry:)  Also, I kind of lost the mojo around late afternoon and started just taking snapshots.  And I did it on the 9th, not the 10th, so this is more like 9 on 9.  

I'll just go ahead and admit that this definitely is not going to go down as one of my best ever projects, I'm completely fine with that.  Tomorrow, it's back to photos when I feel like it rather than at a set time! Today was also sort of an anomaly because Wednesdays aren't our usual routine because it's the only day he's at school until 2pm.  I don't otherwise have so much time to myself, so Wednesdays are nice. 

Here's the excitement: 

10am: Working at my favorite spot. 
11am: Checking on chickens and giving them treats before heading out to capture some fall goodness and a quick walk in the woods. 

Noon:  Checking out the Project Life selection at Michael's to see the designs in person.  I'm liking the honey set as much as I thought I would, but I didn't realize that there's a plain white card option - and a graph paper version at that!  I know it's boring, but I might just go with white cards instead of a colorful set.  Anyone who has done a Project Life project want to weigh in? 

1pm: Picking up apple cider and capturing a few more fall photos at a small farmer's market.

2pm: Preschool pick-up

3pm: Getting reading for another school pick-up after some snuggling and book reading and show watching.  This guy is always wiped out after his long school day! 

5pm: Dinner.  Easy, thanks to subs my Mother-In-Law ordered at work for a fundraiser. 

6pm: On the couch, movie watching and with a fever.  I think he's getting a cold.

7pm: They're in bed! 

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  1. Hi!!!!
    I'm new to following your blog and I LOVE IT! I really enjoyed your post yesterday about your house, I try and take photos every so often of our home, right where it is out, how it really looks.
    I also LOVE LOVe LOVE ... ADORE Project Life! I use to be a Traditional Scrapbooker and then I had 3 kids and started 2 at home business.... and there was never any time... I found Project Life 2 years ago and since then I've embraced everything about it.
    I would love for you to come by my blog an view my Project Life Journey -

    Also, I love the honey kit, but if you just want to go with 1 kit for the year and have more plain grid type cards ... I would go with Midnight or Seafoam. They are very simple (and they both work well together as well) and you get more card that you can just write on.
    The honey kit is a fun bright kit but I got brunt out on it quickly and couldn't see to use it for more than a few layouts. (Just thought I would share)
    Please keep us up to date with what you decided to do with Project Life.


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