Day 9: Normal Homes

This home of mine? I love it, imperfections and all.  One of the first requests that I had when I talked about starting this 31 Days project was that I show more photos of my home.  And I cringed a little. As much as I share and talk about not judging others, it's HARD to let people into your own home. Especially when it's small and messy and you have 50 projects you'd like to do before others see it and you want to style everything to be perfect.  But, JEEZ LOUISE, I'm so sick of this blanket of imperfection weighing us all down.  

I'll tell you this: I don't give a flying fudge what your house looks like right now. I mean it.  Do you know me in real life and have you ever thought of inviting me over for coffee and not done it because you were embarrassed by the pile of laundry that's been on your couch for days or the fur balls in the corner or the fact that you stick to your kitchen floor barefoot? I don't care.  I'll gladly step over your toys and laundry and dirt to get to spend some time with you and not give it a fraction of a thought.  And I'm tired of not spending time with people in my own home or theirs because of how we worry.  

So, today, this is my real, normal, lived-in home that I'm sharing.  Not styled or full of perfect projects. As someone who takes a lot of photograph and knows a tiny little tip of the iceberg of the industry I can tell you this: those photos you see on pinterest and in magazines? They're not real life. I know we all know that, but it really, really is true. Yet, subconsciously, we're still all holding ourselves to these standards! Food photos, home photos, magazine photos: they're all tons of work, they're styled to perfection with messes pushed out of the way. They're fun and inspiring, but I want my life to be spent living in and enjoying my home, not obsessing about it being Pinterest-worthy.  

So, this is my real home today.  Here's your shot of voyeurism for the week.  We live here.  Want to come over? Want to share yours? Want to use my mess to feel a little bit better about yourself today? Please do.  I'd absolutely LOVE to see your real home, too!  

I'm spending 31 days writing and sharing a series about Documenting Your Everyday this month.
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  1. I am SO with you on this!!! And btw, your house is much cleaner than mine:)

  2. Looks like my first comment was eaten. ;) I love this and was so excited when I saw it! Thanks for being willing to share. I love your realness. Beautiful, truly.

  3. Your home is absolutely adorable! Actually, a real home is much more inspiring to me than a staged pinterest home. Your photos radiate with life, love, and family.


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