Day 25: From Yesterday

I make these plans in my head that on days that Nick doesn't have school, we're going to stay home all day.  I think I'll actually accomplish things at home like cleaning window sills and organizing kitchen drawers and the list of 50 little things and stack of papers that I regularly just avoid.  And then the day happens and I plan to only drive back and forth to school and we're eating breakfast and my mom calls and reminds me that I'm driving her to the airport and I decide that "while we're in that direction..." we should stop at that one farm stand and at the store for mealworm treats and grit and oyster shells for the chickens... 

We made it home by lunchtime and I did manage to completely clear and clean one section of the kitchen counters and shelves, not a small feat. Throw in a few tantrums over car doors not closing and not being able to play outside for 5 more minutes and we topped it off with grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner and called it a day.  It's so crazy how a completely clear counter and opening a drawer to it being organized can make you feel so insanely accomplished.   

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