Day 23: Kid Interviews

This one is a quick and easy task and it's something I've already been glad to have done many times over.  It doesn't happen often, but a few times each year, I try to remember to interview my kids.  If you google, you'll easily find tons of templates with suggestions for ideas of things to ask, but I usually just write a bunch of things down or look at an old one and go from there.  I don't make it fancy, I just grab a piece of paper and start writing and asking on a day they're in the mood. (This is KEY! Pick a day/time when they're happy, not when they're grumpy and you're forcing them to do it:)

Question Ideas: 
Favorite Color
Favorite Food
Favorite Toy
Favorite Friends
Favorite Book
Favorite Game
Favorite Movie
Favorite TV Show 
Favorite thing to do at school
Favorite thing to do with family
Favorite thing to do in the summer/fall/winter/spring (current season)
Favorite thing about brother/sister/mom/dad/teacher
Favorite thing in the whole world to do
Somewhere you want to go
What you want to be some day
Favorite thing about yourself

At the end I always ask one last question: Is there anything else you want to tell me? It usually results in some good stuff.  

After we're done, I stick the papers in their baby books. They're getting full, this actually just prompted me to get a memory bin for each of them now so that I can add a bit more stuff.  It's a great peek into their everyday and the things they care about from their own perspective.

I'm spending 31 days writing and sharing a series about Documenting Your Everyday this month.
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