Day 15: From the Weekend

I'm a big fan of weekends without much on the calendar. (Is that surprising?)  Slow breakfast in the morning, some chores and cleaning, an errand or two, maybe lunch or dinner out and a trip to a park. Lots of playing in the backyard. Nothing crazy.  That wasn't this weekend, though it wasn't too crazy, just lots of running around.  We helped my sister move into a new apartment (walking distance from us!!,) went on a fun date to a brewery and a favorite restaurant, had dinner for my in-law's 45th (!) anniversary, some work here and there.  

Some Favorite Weekend Breakfasts (in case you need some inspiration for something new):
Breakfast Sandwiches (this egg method really is fantastic) If you have it in your stores, we love to use Cooper cheese - it's really just a sharp American cheese, but that means more flavor with the same meltiness of American cheese.
Dutch Babies
Lemon and Basil Eggs Over Foccaccia
Eggs (always eggs - in any form) 
On my list to try: these granny horns.  Don't they sound fun??

Their favorite, though?  Cinnamon rolls from a container:) Those are saved for "special" occasions. What's your favorite weekend breakfast?

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