Day 16: All of the Stuff

Photos, snippets, memories...they're beautiful, they're bits and pieces of our lives.  But...WHAT ON EARTH DO WE DO WITH ALL OF IT??? 

STUFF makes me crazy.  I'm not a keeper.  I don't have piles and piles of art from kids, just a few that are especially sweet and meaningful.  But, photos...oh the photos...I'm not exaggerating when I say that there are thousands and thousands of them.  At my last check, my camera has taken 60,093 photographs.  I got it in 2008 because I wanted a camera with a faster shutter speed to capture my moving 1-year-old.  I decided to actually learn how to use it in early 2010 when I took a fluke beautiful photo of my daughter in the snow (where I now know that the perfect conditions of open shade and a big blanket of snow as a huge natural reflector helped me out) and realized that I really could get some great photos of my kids if I just learned how to use the camera and I haven't stopped since then.

I obviously haven't kept all of those photos, but I'd estimate that between different computers and hard drives I have at least 10,000 personal photographs from the past 5ish years.

It's overwhelming, but you know what they say about how to eat an elephant, right? Stay tuned, later this week I'm going to have some specific suggestions for you with what to do with all of your memory-keeping and photo stuff!

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