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"We confess in whispers to buying feedlot beef on a "poor week," and choosing the regular half & half when organic wasn't available, but because people here are also quite humble, we punch each other in the shoulder because of our ridiculously privileged life, in which we fret about the differences between good, better, and best." I'm loving everything she writes lately

If you've ever looked at box tops on packages and wanted a reason to save them, send them here

Maintain Clean Kid Rooms: 4 Basic Strategies Um, YES PLEASE. 

It's not an earth-shattering recipe or anything, but I think that's exactly why I need these nachos in my life! 

I'm firmly in the camp that's doing happy back flips over the arrival of Fall, but I'd still REALLY like to go swim here. 

We live over 1,500 miles from most of the places that would be on our list, but this post made me smile so much as I sat and thought of our favorite spots. Tell it doesn't do the same for you?? 

A really beautiful lesson in how we choose to perceive others. 

Happy Weekend! 

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