::It only took him 6 months, but he finally held a chicken. He even caught her himself, ever so gently. And spoke sweetly into her ear telling her it was ok and that he wouldn't hurt her.

::I told Mia we were going to run to the store quickly before we took her to school to get more tissues and a chicken to roast for dinner and she gasped and said, "Don't tell The Girls we're eating chicken!!"  

::Homemade play dough when we realized that we're completely out. 

::We read Thanksgiving books that we snagged when we were at the library last week, knowing they'd all be gone by later in the month.  Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet, Arthur's Thanksgiving, The Squirrel's Thanksgiving (this was my favorite of the bunch,) This is the Feast, Mousekin's Thanksgiving. Plus more On the Banks of Plum Creek, because she cannot get enough.

::Please tell me that reading this doesn't make you want to snuggle up with a good book under your flannel covers?? So cozy! 

::Laughing at, loving and totally relating to both of these: Top 7 Ways You're Wasting Time on the Internet and Instaguilt
"And really, the problem isn't that I'm obsessed with seeing pictures of impeccably dressed women at fancy book club outings, the problem is that I want to check out--because life is hard, kids are hard, social outings can be awfully awkward." -cjane
::An early dismissal and the start of the weekend for Mia, Nick and I since they're both off from school tomorrow with a lazy, quiet afternoon that we all needed. 

::A rotisserie chicken and baked potatoes and frozen green beans, the last from our garden already.   


  1. okay - LOL! I saw the first picture of N jumping on the bed and my immediate thought was "he's going to bump his head" and then looked to thext image - :) poor kiddo - but lmao!

  2. the picture of nick bumping his head is priceless. his face is so sweet I just want to hug him! maggie


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