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I've astonished myself today with the most amazing feat: I've managed to wear jeans instead of yoga pants for most of the day! (Which is more than I can say for the better part of the last week when we've been stuck at home wither sick or because of snow and cold!) So that's my big accomplishment for the week. Here are some more of the current happenings...


  • Tsh Oxenreider's Notes From a Blue Bike - Can't wait to share more thoughts on this one soon!
  • Kristen Kalp's Go Your Own Way - If you have your own business or have any inkling of owning a business, you NEED to check this out.  The "price" is a donation to Flying Kites Global, an orphanage in Kenya and Kristen is on a 10-Day quest to raise $10,000 for them! 
  • Katy and the Big Snow - over and over and over...
  • Fix, Freeze, Feast - Freezer meals are saving my sanity right now. Big time! 
  • A Camera, Two Kids and a Camel - National Geographic's Annie Griffiths Belt's story of the past 30 years of her work and personal life and how the lines have blurred for her. 
  • All-of-a-Kind Family - Mia totally wants to be a part of this family with all of those sisters! 
Listening:  The Frozen Soundtrack. Over and over and over. 

Loving: Christine Chitnis's photos from her recent  family trip to India, What Should a 4-Year-Old Know,  Quick Breads to eat with dinner, this Black Bean and Sweet Potato that is AMAZING and surprising, quilts all piled up, hot chocolate or tea,  this week's episode of The Mindy Project, lemon curd in the microwave, our rainbow of blue green and pink eggs, getting rid of more stuff (toys are next on the chopping block again!), her excitement over dance class, his excitement over Pajama Day at school, the thought of a weekend with free time to get some stuff done without kids after a week of constant togetherness!   


  1. I wrote an entire comment, and then it wouldn't take my name! :-( Anyway, I wish you had a Like button, so I could hit it each time I see one of your wonderful posts! If not for you, I'd hit it for your kid's adorable faces. I kind of miss the days in MI, long winters with lots of snow, when my kids would get all bundled and go outside to play. They'd build forts and snow people and have snow ball fights, and sled, and come in to get warm, and go back out, and come in, and go back out... Oh! Wait, that's why we moved. ;-) I'm glad I get to watch your kids do it! And there are some wonderful recommendations in here too. Another wonderful post, Lilian! This wouldn't take my ID again. Luckily I'd copied my message. It's me, Dawn @

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions...we've had so many surprise blizzardy days that are perfect for reading (well, if I'm not trying to get homework done!).


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