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I've whined enough about how depressing this winter has been for me (can we all agree that this winter has been an insanely cold, snowy, gray one full of sickness that has made us feel like we're walking around in a fog?) so I thought it might be nice to share some fresh, happy posts to enjoy winter while it's here and look forward to the fact that it's February tomorrow and spring is a bit closer!  I'm trying really hard to get outside and walk a bit each day for sunshine or at the very least do work as close to a window as possible, what have you been doing to kick this winter in the face??

: I need these sky lights in my kitchen.  

: "Teachers- you’ve got a million parents behind you whispering together: 'We don’t care about the damn standardized tests. We only care that you teach our children to be Brave and Kind. And we thank you. We thank you for saving lives.'" -Glennon Doyle Melton  EVERY time I read a post from Glennon, I kick myself for letting it take so long for me to start reading her blog! 

Ice Tunnels with Salt and Liquid Watercolors - These look so pretty and, even though the article is for summer, I think winter is perfect for this, too! 

: A long time ago, I made some spice rack book shelves that wound up going a little crazy on the internet.  They're still up in our house, but they're in our room instead of the kids because we switched rooms and I've been hunting for something to do on a bigger scale in their room since we switched.  I've seen a ton of those rain gutter type of shelves that are along the lines of the spice racks, but I've been thinking that I want something taller to be able to store books up high that aren't seasonal and this is going on my list of projects for their room, there's a perfect spot between their closet doors. 

: While I'm sitting and meal planning for the upcoming weeks this weekend, this Salmon with Green Beans and Mushrooms is definitely going on the list for a night when we need a quick meal.  It's not like it's revolutionary or anything, but the photo is so beautiful that it totally sucked me in.  The addition of lemon and mushrooms and the element of everything on one sheet for baking makes it quick and something a little more light since I feel like we've been eating heartier and heavier dishes lately. 

: I try hard not to keep a ton of junk for "just in case," but my kids really do love to play with junk and this Inventor's Box is just the ticket to keep it all contained but still let them create with their imaginations!  

Happy weekend everyone, stay warm! 

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  1. Such wonderful links, and despite this lousy winter (which has been quite mild out here!)... you still manage to bring sunshine to my in box. ;-)


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