Snow Day + Snow Ice Cream

Snow days and after-the-holidays days are serving to enable my hermit-like tendencies lately.  Admittedly, it's also related to some depression that I've been trying to kick in the face for a solid two months, but I still love an excuse to stay home and be quiet and watch movies and play games and bake and make things. 

Pumpkin Muffins via Smitten Kitchen

Snow Ice Cream

You'll need:
1/2 cup half and half or cream
(I've also heard of people using sweetened, condensed milk if you have it)
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
A big old bowl of (clean) snow

Whisk or mix the half and half, sugar and vanilla in a small bowl like crazy until the sugar dissolves, then stick it in the fridge or freezer for 10-15 minutes to get cold again.  You don't have to stick it in the freezer, but I think it helps to keep the snow from melting quite as much when you start to mix it all.  While the cream and sugar mixture are getting colder again and right when you're ready to make the snow ice cream, go out and fill up a large bowl with snow.  Get more than you think you'll need, it melts quickly and dissolves in the cream and sugar mixture.  Pour half of  the cream and sugar mixture over the snow and gently mix.  Add more of the mixture slowly until it's a texture you like, you might need a bit more cream if you got a ton of snow.  

You could easily make it a little more exciting by adding some cocoa powder or cinnamon to the cream mixture (with that, you might want to heat the mixture to get it all to really dissolve, then make sure you give it a longer time to get cold.)  Other ideas: Chocolate chips or chunks, brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar, frozen berries, chopped nuts....the list is endless!

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  1. Okay, still LOVING your blog! have to say that first!
    Second... I struggle with being a hermit as well, for one I just really enjoy life better in my home with my family and I don't like running all over the place. I don't like the stress ofit... but also I tend suffer with a little depression as well. I always know that is what it is and so I make the choice (as hard as it at times) to not allow it to get the best of me... what an exhausting struggle daily struggle at times. Hang in there! All the snow and cold weather doesn't helps at times. HUGS
    And I smiled so big when I saw Snow Ice Cream ... We had that all the time as kids... we live in Sunny California were it never even rains any more I guess... so I don't get to do that with my kids... :( What great memories!

  2. Oh the other thing I was going to say is My Mom use to 1/2 freeze the half & half... a little while before we were going to have she would put in the freezer and then every little bit she would just shake it up ... do that a few times and then when you add the half and half its slush like the snow! She never would measure the half and half, she just pour until she thought it was good... oh just talking about it makes me it some so badly!

  3. I relate to the hermit feeling...especially with it so cold out!

  4. We made snow ice cream every winter growing up -if we were lucky to have enough snow. Now I live where there is too much snow! Thanks for the reminder! I really should make this again with my kids!


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