From Sunday

An icy day, a dutch baby, her cooking for us, a date where we were the only two in the whole restaurant happy in the wooden booth, discussions of finances that feel like we're actually making significant progress for the first time in forever, finally taking down the tree, kids staying in pajamas to go to the grandparents', kids SO ready to get back to a normal routine. These recent quiet days with no where we have to be on a schedule were making me so happy, though I was almost as happy to have a reason to actually get dressed this week since it means dropping off the two stir-crazy wild things to get back to school and normal again! 


  1. I absolutely love your table!

  2. As always, beautiful!! The kids have gotten so big, and are looking so much more grown up! Your Dutch breakfast has me drooling... but looks nothing like the Dutch babies I used to get at my favorite place in Chicago. They were my absolute favorite breakfast!! Just gorgeous!

  3. PS) now if I could just figure out how to follow/subscribe!


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