Friday Bits and Pieces

This week started out rough. An awful ear infection and a stomach virus for her, puking all over the pharmacy at the grocery store, sadness over a dead chicken, driving people here there and everywhere, swirling questions of decisions to be made and hoping that they were right. We needed color and fresh air desperately. Stuck inside (again) we all painted and cut and ripped magazines and ran outside in the snow and rode scooters in circles inside. We watched way too much tv and I tried to carve out alone time where I could for each of us. 

Some Link Love for your Friday:

Gray on Gray from Tales from the Motherland
"I miss the nights when he would pull me into his arms for a kiss goodnight, and I could nuzzle his sweet neck and smell his yummy little boyness, as he kissed my cheek. The days when he would bring bouquets of flowers, pulled from my precious garden, are gone. To go back– I would reframe from chastising, and linger with my nose in those buds a few minutes longer. I would take in his pleased expression and bathe in that hopeful look that told me that I was the love of his life. Now he has other loves…while he is still, and will always be one of the great loves of my life."

In which the moments are now ours alone :: on (not) blogging about my tinies from Sarah Bessey
"I need my children to know that they aren’t blog fodder. I need them to know that they can grow up without an audience being privy to their sacred moments."

Alone Time from The Minimalists
"Then, as my twenties twilighted, I discovered I was more affable whenever I carved out time for myself. (After all, I’m an INTJ.) But don’t worry, this isn’t a platitudinal reminder to “make time for yourself.” Rather, it’s a reminder to embrace your individualism—your personality."

4 Time Saving Tips for Your Family from An Inviting Home
"I know right where to go when a child's pants start looking like capris (I think my three year old grew an inch overnight last week!) and since everything is already sorted by gender and sizes it makes finding things a breeze."
The "Can't Also" Crisis from Kelle Hampton
"I often pigeonhole myself into categories, as if a woman who wants to change the world can’t also love cute shoes. Or a mom who sings of the joys of holding a sleeping baby can’t also want to learn more about business. Or an advocate for a cause of great importance can’t also advocate for a cause of little importance like wearing lipstick or buying art or making crafts."
For the record: I can sing every word to Easy E's Gimme That Nutt and Wreckx-N-Effect's Rump Shaker. I don't suggest googling the lyrics to either at work! If you ask me to sing them, you'll probably get one of the biggest smiles out of me that you've ever seen and a good blush on my cheeks. Happy weekend everyone:)  

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  1. Oh, you are so sweet! Thanks for including a quote from my post; I truly appreciate it so much!! This is yet another beautiful post, by one of my favorite bloggers! Such a simple, but meaningful glimpse into a few days in your home... and, as usual, great photos! BTW: I share your post from a few wks back, about creating those wonderful large photo prints, with the folks on my writing retreat. They all thought it was great! Hope this weekend and next week are better... for all of you! xo


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