Spring Chickens

Even though it just snowed again for the millionth time last night, we brought home a little bit of spring yesterday in the form of new chicks:

We promised Mia that we would replace her chicken who died last week and chickens love having buddies, so we couldn't just get one and when we went to get them there were only 3 of this kind left and we surely couldn't leave one little girl all by her lonesome! 

Mia, Nick and I each got to name one and I'm still working on naming mine.  One is named Kiki (by Mia), one is named Squeaky (by Nick) and one is still in the air for me to name. 

We already have (or have had and they're gone): Clementine, 
Stella, Penelope, Beatrice, Nicholas and Henrietta

On the list of potential names: Gracie, Violet, Ruby*, Lucy, 
Matilda, Delilah, June, Alice, Jane, Cecelia, Pollyanna, Annabel, Rosie, Flora, Scarlett*

*The current front runners.  They'll be mostly red/rust colors when they're fully grown. I'm also thinking of recycling Clementine because SHE turned out to be a HE, so the name was never technically used... 

Any other ideas to share?? Want to vote?? Come join the discussion on Facebook, it would be so fun to have you! 

p.s. Thinking of getting chickens? This post is so great: 16 Things to Know Before You Have Urban Chickens
"While I am well aware that there are plenty of super thorough websites all about raising chickens, the problem with the Internet is that I often want Regular People Opinion. Not self-proclaimed Chicken Enthusiasts who have poultry inspired bumper stickers, or people who live off the grid and do All Things Natural and wear hemp clothes…but like, basic, everyday, woefully imperfect Suburbanites who want chickens and a veggie garden, but also drive a gas guzzling Suburban. "

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