From Ash Wednesday

Some kids-not-home stream of consciousness for you from Ash Wednesday: 

I'm sitting here stuck.  For once, I actually have time to write while the kids are at school.  My car is being fixed and I could technically walk somewhere if I wanted to get out, but a day all alone at home sounded really nice. I'm staying here and snuggling with little chicks all day.  
Working on my favorite 40 Bags in 40 Days.
I work and think about how much I fill up my days with distraction to avoid thinking too much.  
Think about all of the lists of blog post ideas that I have going and how they all feel like a distraction, too, and you can go to any of a million blogs are read about freezer meals and recipes and garden stuff and how I really don't think that's why you come to this space.
Clean out a kitchen junk drawer.  
Cook a batch of scones to freeze and throw on a pot of oatmeal to freeze while I'm cooking anyway.  
Snuggle the chicks more.  
Fold laundry and think about bills and the endless decisions families make about working and childcare and money.  
Make a pot of coffee.    
Will myself not to start reading blogs.  
Make a list of the freezer meals I made this weekend so I don't forget to add them to the meal planning list: Chicken in Phyllo, Chicken, Chile and Roasted Corn Soup, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Sausage and Cheese Pasta Bake, Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole, Chicken Fingers (can you tell that I found a good deal on chicken?) Pumpkin Muffins. Most are from Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer or Don't Panic, More Dinner's in the Freezer because I just got them at the library to try them last week and I'm definitely going to buy them now, there's a ton more that I actually want to make. 
Listened to some Juvenile on Pandora, then change the station and follow it up with the Spa station, because I'm wild like that.
Say a prayer of thanks for neighbors and friends who I can text in the middle of the day and ask to pick up my kids at school. 
Make myself some good lunch.
Take some photos. 
Decide on a Lenten sacrifice of not shopping for anything but necessities, including (especially?) browsing online, even though I hadn't planned to give up anything for Lent. 
Close and walk away from the computer and try to stop my brain from spinning in a million directions. 

Some Links for Your Friday, Happy Weekend!:

Making Time for What Matters at The Art of Simple: 

"Sometimes I feel like there just isn’t enough space in my life. There isn’t enough room to see all my friends, finish all of my work, attend every significant event, volunteer at every charity, keep my house clean and functioning, to eat (something other than string cheese or rice krispies) and to still end up sane at the end of the week, month or year."

A 5-Step Plan to FINALLY Organize Your Photos (like a Professional Organizer!) from Modern Parents Messy Kids:

"Printed at the local drugstore some several years ago, these pictures were meant to bring joy, were intended for auspicious photo albums, for scrapbooking, or for framing… and then, instead, were abandoned in their paper envelopes (that’s hopeful) in favor of more pressing daily tasks.

Luckily, rescuing your precious family photos from a life of clutter is easier than you might think. Here’s how to whip your pictures into shape."

Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages Printables from The Country Chic Cottage:

"I took some wonderful quotes from Dr. Seuss and turned them into coloring pages for Read Across America Day or any day of the year."

Seven Tactics to Avoid Wasting Food from The Simple Dollar:

"If I assume that the average pound of food costs $2, then wasting a ton of food per year translates to a cost of $4,000 per year for my family."


  1. Really enjoyed the 40 bags in 40 days pots; thanks for sharing. I'm almost motivated! No, really; it actually inspired me. I probably have 40 bags in my office! And that office has been weighing me down. The photo of the chicks is absolutely FABULOUS!! Love it. Your photography is just amazing, Lillian!

    1. Thank you Dawn! Haha, I probably have 40 in my basement! OH, and the garage! But so far I've actually done it - I have 3 trash bags full of clothes and two boxes of other randomness to drop off at Salvation Army tomorrow, so that feels GOOD:)


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