From the Weekend

Grilled Pizza The trick is to oil both sides like crazy and grill one side of the crust, flip it over, then add toppings.  We did one with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil and another (my favorite) with olives, artichokes, red onion, oregano, mozzarella and feta. 
Flowers. Weeding. Watering.  Repeat.
Her own bouquet.
Mini Golf with Grandparents.
Fireworks and a 4th of July party with friends on the most beautiful summer night.
Backyard wild shenanigans.
Escaped chickens (the little ones are like Houdini!) 
More grilling.
Sprinklers and Baby Pools.
Bike washing in pajamas.
Water Balloons that take forever to blow up and 2 seconds to use.
Kids who look like they grew at least 5 inches overnight and dresses and shorts that seem to shrinking in length by the day.
It's crazy to think that the ice and fallen tree and longest winter ever were only 4.5 months ago and this is the same yard.  

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