In the Garden

Everything in the garden is growing so fast that I can barely keep up!  And I just realized that I haven't really done much garden posting this spring since it's been happening over here.  I took these pictures 6 days ago after a big rain and it doesn't even look like the same garden now, especially the boxes, because everything is so much bigger.

Growing Right Now: Flowers like crazy.  Peas.  Tomatoes.  Lots of greens/lettuce that are about to bolt because it's been so hot this week.  Lentils.  Kale.  Carrots.  Peppers.  Beets.  Herbs, lots of them. I think that's everything!  We scaled back a lot this year to make room for more flowers and it feels much more realistic.

What are you growing? I'd love to hear!

p.s. You can see realistically how the garden boxes are weathering here.  (Here's a before and after of sorts.) They're whitewashed with lime and water, not paint, so it won't hold up forever, but it easy enough to give them a new coat each year.  These photos were taken after a drenching rain, so you can see how they look when they get wet.  When they dry, they look more white again and just a bit weathered.  I wasn't sure how they'd hold up when I tried it, but it wasn't a big loss if they didn't and I'm really happy with the whitewash rather than the old wood that's been through a few seasons outside now.

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