Right Now

In the past week or two, we've had a 7th birthday, the last day of school, a lot of rainy lazy days, a lot of bickering, a lot of longing for rainy days to stop so that we can go to the pool, a lot of flower growth in the backyard and next week starts the first Flower CSA pickups! 

Watching Orange is the New Black and trying to pry our eyes open for long enough to watch an episode (or two!) every night! 
Eating so many strawberries! 
Listening to way too much bickering and a LOT of laughter. 
Making a new art "studio" (desk) space for the kids to have and destroy and be creative and make all the messes they want without us bothering them about cleaning it up. 
Prioritizing down time and not having plans so that they can play and do what they want, growing flowers and making time to actually do my hair since I got 6" chopped off and it's shorter than chin length now.  
Quitting blog reading daily.  My feedly is so full, so it's so nice to not have the time suck and to just look at it on a Friday night.  I miss them, but my head feels a lot more clear when I'm not using blogs as a constant disconnect from reality in my day. 

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  1. I love this list! My oldest and I are watching Orange is the New Black too. I wanted to watch episode 3 without her today, but I resisted. May the laughing outweigh the bickering in the weeks ahead! I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I love these wonderful glimpses into your lovely world, Lillian. Beautiful shots of the kids!


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