Lately:  Flowers, flowers and more flowers and just general wild growth in the backyard.  A trip to the lake and to the zoo.  Cool(ish) weather for July. Little hikes and trips to the park and the woods.  Less trips with a big camera and fewer photos taken.  More intentional fun with my kids.  Grilling dinner 90% of the time.  Vacation prep.  Weekend naps.  Crazy kids all day, every day that keep me from sitting at a computer much. Honestly, though?  I'm not at all minding.


  1. Oh, I want to come buy bunches and bunches of your lovely flowers. So cheerful and absolutely lovely - nice job.

  2. So, so, so pretty!! Are you growing all of these flowers in your yard? Really inspiring. Dreaming of big backyard flower beds in my yard now

    1. Thanks! Yes, all in my yard except for some of the sunflowers in these pictures. It has been SO SO SO fun to grow them all!!

  3. Wish you lived closer... so we could have coffee, and I could buy flowers! Gorgeous, Lillian!


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