From Sunday Morning

It feels like it's been forever since I just sat down with a cup of coffee and read blogs on a Sunday morning. Everyone is quiet and sleeping in (at 7:13am) because of a late night at the grandparents last night with cousins while the aunts and uncles went out for dinner and felt normal for the first time in way too long.

Somewhere toward the end of last school year, between an overwhelmed state of too-many-things-in-a-week and starting a new part-time job and doing everything I could to inundate my backyard with flowers, I deleted my feedly app from my phone and stopped opening the laptop. Then summer happened and I wanted to actually spend time with my family. Not that I don't always want to, obviously, I just really didn't want to spend summer trying to run away at every possible chance I could just to squirrel myself away somewhere to sit in front of a computer. So I haven't written much of anything. And I've taken photos, but most were with my phone.

And now I officially have two kids in school again and morning time that I'm able to carve out and dedicate to adult tasks like writing and research and garden planning for next year and finally clearing out the basement and 1,000 other little things that feel like they fell by the wayside this summer in a good way.

So, hi. I think I'm ready now. It's good to be back in this space.


  1. So lucky for us, that you're back! This post is especially beautiful, Lillian! The photos are gorgeous and oh my! The kids have gotten so big! You make me want to dig up my lawn and put in flower beds... if I wasn't so much older! :-) Your yard looks fantastic!!


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