Back to School

I texted (that's a verb now, right?) this photo to my husband and a friend this morning. It doesn't look like much. But do you know what it means? I PUT DISHES AWAY BEFORE 9AM!! This is unheard of. We don't have a dishwasher, so 97% of the time, if you walk into our house there will be clean dishes drying next to the sink, likely last night's dinner dishes. Because I want them to really get dry before I put them away:)

I am so.darn.glad to have two kids at school every day. We still have half-day kindergarten around here, so it means that I have 3 hours every single morning to actually do things. HALLELUJAH! How's your back-to-school going??

Oh, I did also take pics of my kids on the first day of school. It was over a week ago, but I'm still sharing. I'll share here for posterity, I need to get better at doing that for myself because I otherwise remember absolutely nothing! Kindergarten and 2nd Grade. So crazy!


  1. Love this post- I always love pictures of your kitchen!

  2. and your kiddos, of course. :)


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