In the Beginning of October

I took so many photos of flowers this summer that I think I kind of burned myself out a bit.   I just looked at my folder of September photos and I have 3 photos of my kids total and almost everything else is flowers.  Which is fun, of course, but I've been feeling inspired to be able to focus on some other stuff finally.  I decided to attempt some photos of the great fall colors in all of the fruit that's available right now just to practice a bit, except that all of the fruit monsters in our house ate the fruit before I could take any more photos.  Whoops.  Same goes for the apple pies, two that I've made in the past week in the name of finally learning how to make a pie crust.  This has been my favorite recipe, in case you're looking. It has come out flaky without being too dry every time I've made it so far, so I'm sticking with it.  

If you're pie hunting and maybe not the greatest baker ever, like me, and make a crust only to realize that you needed to actually double the recipe to have enough crust for the top and bottom of the pie, do yourself a favor and skip the top crust and try this salted pecan crumble topping.  You're welcome ahead of time! 

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