I'm standing in my bedroom alone doing yoga in the middle of the afternoon. I'm laughing at myself and my utter lack of physical grace, just happy to be moving.  I'm awkward and my body feels cumbersome, but I will myself to let go a bit and feel my breath steady itself. My gut is awkward and cumbersome, but I try to just move in each moment in a way that feels good. I feel myself slide into comfort in my own skin for just a moment and it surprises me, it's not something I'm conscious of feeling often.  It happens in movement and it happens in nature.  When I'm walking or dancing or doing yoga or closing my eyes and thinking or when I'm in the woods or when I'm in the backyard for 5 minutes on a frosty morning with a camera, like the photos above, capturing the tiny bits of freezing and colors before they melt with the sun and die with the changing seasons.  

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